Hamilton Avenue

Thoughtful Balance was approached to renovate an existing warehouse into office space in the Larimer neighborhood. The structure was originally two warehouse buildings that were joined into one building many years ago.

The developer, an advocate for the neighborhood, was involved in creating the Larimer Vision Plan (LVP). The owner wanted to reinforce the LVP and make a project that would help transform the Hamilton Avenue corridor. The concept was for an incubator for young start-ups. The project is now home to two young non-profit organizations, G-TECH and Grow Pittsburgh.

The structure is beautiful with riveted steel fasteners and wood plank floors. It was challenging to leave enough of the original character of the building and still comply with accessibility rules, local building codes, and adding new building systems. The largest challenge on this project was the extremely modest budget. 


  • 14,600 sq ft
  • Built for $58 per sq ft for core and shell
  • Ultra-simple mechanical systems