Our Focus

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Resource Conservation

The conservation of resources is a key component of our work…. resources include time, money, energy, materials, land, and water. Resource conservation fosters creative and resilient solutions. Our buildings strive to give back.


Really sustainable solutions are simple and clear. Our projects strive to be just that. We aim for simplicity to insure ease of maintenance and operation, and we understand that our buildings will evolve over time. Our solutions build in flexibility and we make sure they work.


We all want to make the world a better place. Community can mean the stakeholders in a building, or the residents of a neighborhood. Understanding what connects us helps us make places that support people. When we work together we want to know and understand your community. We welcome others to collaborate with us and will pool our strengths.

Passive House

Passive House gives our clients startling energy savings. By following a simple set of criteria, we make buildings that use up to 80% less energy. It’s like putting a thermal lunch bag over the building…it keeps the space warm when it needs to be warm and cool when it needs to be cool. Passive House is a no-brainer. Yes, the building science is complex but the end result is quite simple. The energy savings are so compelling that buildings generating positive energy are within reach.


All projects are limited by budget. Embracing that fact unleashes our creativity. Value is expressed in balancing the priorities of the client and the realities of the marketplace. Right-sizing spaces and systems responsibly capitalizes on available resources. Excellent performance offers affordability over time.


Sustainability is really about health. We consider air-quality, the water-cycle, material selection, and site analysis to insure the health of building occupants, the site, the eco-system and the planet.