Warner House

Warner House, an old hotel, was renovated in the 1980s under the HUD 202 program. The 60-unit building offers affordable and supportive housing for seniors, and adults with a range of physical and mental disabilities. At Warner House we found a close-knit, lively group who were passionate about the renovation project. Community spaces were very important to the residents, many of whom have no family nearby. With our interior design we took care to offer many shared amenities, and provide gathering spaces to encourage community engagement. The plan brought back some of the historic hotel quality while introducing a more comfortable and inviting aesthetic.

Great attention was paid to the quality of the envelope – including triple-pane windows and roof insulation of R-40 or better – in order to maximize the efficiency of the upgraded MEP systems, contribute to long-term affordability, and enhance the comfort of the residents. A split-refrigerant VRF HVAC system allowed for high efficiency, individual zone control, and minimal ductwork. A glycol loop heat recovery system recaptures energy from exhaust air before it exits the building.

Renovation was accomplished in a partially occupied building with phased construction. Warner House, a certified Enterprise Green Communities development, demonstrates our commitment to providing high performance, healthy homes for low-income families.


  • 59,000 sq ft
  • Built for $101 per sq ft

“…my choice was to be homeless or to live here…I live in the smallest apartment but with the high ceilings, the pool table and my kitchen, it feels like I am living in a Manhattan loft.”

- A new resident on opening day at Warner House