Paramount Film Exchange

The Paramount Film Exchange, a neglected building in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, had been a distribution site for the well-known former film company. Our team recognized the opportunities the building offered.

The steel structure, masonry walls, large windows, covered skylights, and original detailing gave us a palette of wonderful materials to work with. The team worked hard to preserve the look and feel of the original building. The structure was renovated into office space for young start-ups and a photography studio for the building’s owner. The interiors were designed using simple and affordable materials, such as steel, white glass, and off the shelf doors.

Our team coordinated the efforts of a non-profit that received grant funding for the interiors, the owner’s façade grant, and private money in order to finish the project for the extremely modest budget of $108/sq ft for the core and shell. The project will serve as a catalyst for future development in Uptown.


  • 10,802 sq ft
  • Built for $108 per sq ft for core and shell
  • 100% occupancy since opening

“Thoughtful Balance met our strict budget limitations while still delivering a compelling design that functions well for our tenants. The team is thorough and provided sound advice throughout the design and construction process and went above and beyond to accommodate changes. Their attention to detail and concern for operating costs and efficiencies made for a project that is at once unique and interesting, while meeting the needs of a cost conscious owner and tenant. They balanced limitations with aplomb and delivered a beautiful project.” 

Alexander Denmarsh, Building Owner and Occupant