Oasis Farm and Fishery

Oasis Farm and Fishery is the vision of the Homewood Bible Center and its member organization, the Oasis Food Group. Homewood is a job desert and, as a result, a food desert. The Homewood community has suffered a great decline in recent years, and its population has suffered right along with it. In a bold vision to spur change in the neighborhood, the team hopes to make Homewood a destination for food. Plans are already underway for a café and a commercial kitchen to provide residents access to fresh, locally sourced foods, and offer job training to residents as well.

The DC Heart project is the pilot for Oasis Farm and Fishery, a larger urban agriculture site that will produce food for the café and kitchen. The large Oasis Farm and Fishery site will include a bio-shelter, on-site rainwater capture, and planting areas for crops. Homewood is already home to small businesses that are recognized city-wide for the excellent crafts, food, and beer they produce. With Oasis Farm and Fishery, we hope that community members will benefit from the local, fresh food, and economic growth, and that Homewood will be recognized as a destination for these delights.